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Scandal in China: 83 Tons of Counterfeit Gold Bars Deposited as Collateral

Fake gold scandal in China – this would not have happened if Fischer measurement instruments were used!

This would not have happened if Fischer measurement instruments were used! Over the past 5 years, a gold trader listed on the New York Stock Exchange loaned billions of dollars from local banks and insurance companies. 83 tons of gold bars were deposited as guarantee. After investigating, it has emerged that those gold bars were made of copper with a gold layer on top.

How could this have happened? It turns out that this gold scandal originated from a gold dealer in Wuhan, China. More than 83 tons of counterfeit gold were deposited by this gold dealer at over a dozen Chinese financial institutions as collateral. Read this article for more information on the scandal.

The counterfeit gold bars could have been uncovered with minimal effort and costs: Using electrical conductivity, the SIGMASCOPE® GOLD B handheld device immediately identifies whether the golden glow is deceptive. Simply scan the surface with the instrument’s probe, and the device will display measured values which indicate whether the material has the conductivity expected of gold or otherwise. This is the simplest and most effective way of non-destructively authenticating gold bars – even through packaging.

For a more detailed analysis, the GOLDSCOPE SD® and XAN® instruments can be used to determine the exact composition of the gold content using the X-ray fluorescence method.

Don´t get fooled! Be on the safe side: saving money is better than loosing it! Trust in Fischer measurement instruments – ensure your gold bars are truly made of gold!

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