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  • Non-destructive, fast and precise XRF gold test
  • Spacious measurement chamber
  • Compact and robust design, meant for long – and long-term – use
  • No sample preparation needed. Simply place the item on the measuring window in the measurement chamber
  • A camera shows you the exact measurement location
  • For pawnshops and gold buyers: GOLDSCOPE SD 510 with silicon PIN detector and especially compact design 
  • For pawnshops, gold buyers and small laboratories: GOLDSCOPE SD 515 with silicon PIN detector
  • For testing labs, assaying offices and refineries: GOLDSCOPE SD 520 with silicon drift detector (SDD) for the highest resolution at lowest detection thresholds
  • For testing labs, assaying offices, and jewelry manufacturers: GOLDSCOPE SD 550 with silicon drift detector (SDD) and exchangeable filters and collimators


  • Composition of precious metal alloys
  • Authenticity testing of gold jewelry, watches and coins
  • Analysis of dental alloys
  • Rhodium plating on gold alloys and gold plating on silver alloys
  • Multi-layer systems as substitute for materials with nickel content

Is it really gold? Authenticity testing of jewelry and precious metals

Not all that glitters is gold – much less pure gold! If you want to know exactly how much gold it contains, you can rely on our X-ray fluorescence (XRF) measuring instruments: With the GOLDSCOPE SD® you can quickly check the authenticity of jewelry and analyze the composition of gold and precious metals – non-destructively.


The features of the different GOLDSCOPE SD models assist you optimally with your daily work at the jewelry store, the pawnshop or in the testing laboratory. The procedure is clean and requires no chemicals. And like all Fischer X-ray fluorescence XRF spectrometers, the GOLDSCOPE SD measures with the excellent precision you’ve come to expect.

The handling of the XRF devices is tailored to the needs of the precious metals and jewelry industry. The most important measuring tasks for analyzing gold and precious metals are already pre-programmed in the operating software, WinFTM. All you have to do is place the sample on the measurement window and press start. This makes the valuation of jewelry and coins foolproof.

Still unsure? See it in action for yourself! Let us convince you with a non-binding demonstration of the GOLDSCOPE SD.


The new GOLDSCOPE SD® 600 is Fischer's most powerful XRF analyzer for gold and jewellery testing as well as precoius metals analysis. Specifically designed for hallmarking, gold refinery, jewelry retail stores, punch and assaying, it is easy to operate and extremely powerful.

Measuring top down, the sample is simply placed on the manually operated scissor table. A laser pointer serves as positioning aid. Thus, even samples with complex geometries are no challenge to analyse.


  • Highly sensitive silicon drift detector (SDD) for high-resolution analysis
  • Fischer DPP+: Shorter measuring time and absolute standard deviation of the repeatability reduced by up to 45 %
  • Highest flexibility for a wide range of meaurements: 4 different collimators and 3 different filters
  • Only from Fischer: patented Distance Compensation Method (DCM) for faster and simplified measurements at various distances
  • High-resolution CCD colour camera for optical monitoring of the measurement location

Would you like to get more information about the GOLDSCOPE SD 600?

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As of now: Measure Faster and More Precise with GOLDSCOPE SD 520 and GOLDSCOPE SD 550!

The GOLDSCOPE SD 520 and GOLDSCOPE SD 550 are equipped with the newly in-house developed digital pulse processor DPP+. In combination with the now available, larger silicon drift detector (50 mm² effective area), even higher count rates can be processed with a very good energy resolution. What is the effect of the new technology on your measurements? The absolute standard deviation of the repeatability is reduced by up to 45 % at the same measurement time. Moreover, the same standard deviation is achievable with a measurement time that is three times shorter.



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