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  • Measurement and recording of the environmental conditions required for the application of surface coatings
  • Robust housing, dustproof and protected against water jets (IP65) for use in harsh environments
  • Ergonomic and easy to operate with one hand – even with gloves on
  • Resistant temperature sensors integrated directly into the dew point meter 
  • Determines relevant climate parameters:
    relative humidity, specific humidity, air temperature, surface temperature, dew point, ΔT (temperature difference between surface and dew point), dry temperature, wet temperature, outdoor temperature correction (type K)
  • User-defined time intervals between 1 second and 24 hours
  • Direct feedback via illuminated display and audio signal for full oversight of dew point readings
  • Easy to use thanks to intuitive user interface: Measurement and reporting are easy, even for untrained personnel
  • High-contrast, automatically rotating display for easy viewing at any angle
  • Available with memory for 250,000 values in up to 2500 batches
  • USB interface for secure and fast data transfer
  • A magnetic surface temperature sensor can also be connected to the device


  • Measurement and recording of the environmental conditions required for surface coating

Indispensable for coating processes: Determine the dew point and humidity(日本未発売)

With this dew point meter, you can easily monitor the climate parameters relevant for your coating processes. The MMS® Inspection DPM reliably measures relative humidity, air temperature and surface temperature, so you can easily calculate the dew point in no time at all.


This dew point meter is extremely robust, dustproof and protected against water jets (IP65). Its compact design and four large buttons allow for easy single-handed operation. This makes it ideal for use under even the most demanding of conditions, for example in heavy-duty corrosion protection. And with its light and sound signals, you always have an overview of the measured dew point values.



名称 タイプ サイズ ダウンロード
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