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With a parabolic X-ray capillary it is possible to focus a parallel beam into a small spot or to parallelise a divergent beam from an X-ray source placed at the focal point. A parabolic X-ray monocapillary is an imaging single-bounce system. The spot size is not only determined by the manufacturing precision of the optics but also by the properties of the X-ray source.

Focussing system for micro-XRD, micro-XRF and synchrotron radiation

Focal distance f [mm]

> 10

Entrance diameter D1 [µm]

50 ... 3000

Exit diameter D2 [µm]

50 ... 2000

Length L [mm]

> 20

Energy range [keV]


Optimal source size [µm]


Focal spot size [µm]

> 10

Housing diameter [mm]

> 7

Intensity gain

> 50
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