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Pattern Recognition in FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY Instruments

In most cases, the X-ray fluorescence method (XRF) does not require timeconsuming sample preparation. A simple placement of the probe in the X-ray beam is mostly sufficient. But if the sample under test has the same dimensions as the measurement spot size, an exact placement is difficult, e.g. for the measurement of the coating thickness at the following objects:

  • Plug contacts on printed circuit boards
  • Connectors
  • SMD components

With the new pattern recognition feature, all FISCHERSCOPE® X-RAY instruments with programmble XY tables are capable to position samples safely even in difficult conditions. The Software WinFTM® stores an image detail (pattern) and searches for it during the measurement. It then readjusts the XY table position, so that the pattern will be found and the measurement will be performed at the correct position.


  • Reduction of the operator influence during positioning of the samples
  • Reduction of the influence of dimensional tolerance of the samples

Videos with applications of the pattern recognition:

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