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允許我們介紹 Fischer!

我們成立於 1953 年,如今已成為塗層厚度測量、材料分析、奈米壓痕和材料測試領域精確、絕對可靠的測量技術的技術領導者和合作夥伴。我們的產品種類繁多,從用於在移動中快速測量的簡單手持設備到自動監控生產的完全整合高階系統,我們為眾多行業和應用提供測量設備。始終緊跟時代脈搏,尋求創新。我們每天都在重塑測量技術 - 昨天、現在和未來。

Measuring Made Easy

基於我們的座右銘"Measuring Made Easy",如果您作為客戶擁有適合工作的正確工具,測量任務就很容易解決。我們的客戶無需擔心品質控制。因為可靠性和易用性是 Fischer 的首要任務。他們專注於真正重要的事情 - 他們的工作 - 剩下的交給我們。

您也可以從 Fischer 的優勢中受益:依靠一流的服務和直覺、絕對強大的測量儀器組合,應對幾乎所有測量挑戰。德國製造,為您量身打造。






- 赫爾穆特·菲希爾,公司創始人


我們在全球擁有 21 家分支機構和龐大的經銷商網絡,幾乎可以為每個國家的客戶提供服務。對您來說,這意味著個人化、快速和簡單的現場支援。


Mr. Helmut Fischer’s 90th Birthday Message to Customers and Partners

As I celebrate my 90th birthday, I would like to take this opportunity to reflect on the many wonderful years I have had founding and managing the Helmut Fischer company, and also, to look forward to the future with joy and confidence.


The Helmut Fischer company was founded in 1953 in my hometown, Stuttgart, Germany. From the young age of 22, I dedicated my life to this company, its exceptional employees and our common goal. From the beginning till now, our goal has remained unchanged, that is to develop measuring instruments that add value to our customers and help them accomplish their jobs in the best possible way. This vision guides every successful development of new measurement methods and instruments that support the technical progress of our customers.

Fischer is deliberately not the loudest brand on the market. This is not only due to our down-to-earth Swabian culture, rather, we believe actions speak louder than words. Our customers know and trust Fischer as a brand that represents quality and performance. With our first-class customer service, we have been and continue to be a market leader in the field of non-destructive coating thickness measurement instruments.

The development and production of high-quality precision measuring instruments are the prerequisites for the success of an instrumentation company. In order to bring this value to customers, a close connection with customers is the vital link. Thus, Fischer has a global network of direct subsidiaries to serve all important manufacturing industries. Under the motto "Think global - act local", we provide best-in-class local customer support from initial consultation to instrument servicing.

New technologies and global events will disrupt and present challenges for every company. Thus, we believe it is essential to recognize these trends at an early stage, to react in a targeted manner and to set the course by taking appropriate measures.

That is why I am even more pleased and reassured that our Managing Director, Dr. Martin Leibfritz, with his years of technical and worldly experience, is able to confidently manage Helmut Fischer GmbH, and to continue to grow the company together with our numerous talented employees. In this way, we can continue to make our customers' world measurably easier.

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